Hi, I'm Kate!

Katherine Keirsey, MS, R.D.

I'm a virtual pediatric dietitian based in Georgia. I specialize in guiding parents through nutrition changes that really work for their kids. Together, let's pave the way for lifelong healthy eating by fostering a positive food relationship from the start.

Weight Concerns
(High Weight)

Kids come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes high weight can become a health concern.

Whether a child has always been in a larger body, or is experiencing fast weight gain, we explore the root cause of high weight, then effectively make changes to help kids grow into the right size for their particular body. 

I also practice medical nutrition therapy to help:
- High triglycerides
- High cholesterol
- Abnormal liver labs
- Fatty liver disease
- Prediabetes

Weight Concerns (Low Weight)

Nutrition is crucial for proper growth and development. I help kids of a range of temperaments overcome under-eating and slow weight gain, whether they are super high-energy and strong willed or sensitive and anxious at the dinner table.

I screen for eating disorders, including the following:
- Anorexia nervosa
- Bulimia nervosa,

I refer to an outside provider when appropriate.

Picky Eating

Using sneaky tactics to add vegetables into meals and depending on smoothies may offer short-term fixes, but they don’t tackle the underlying causes of picky eating.

I help parents with picky eaters guide their children to eat healthier and try new foods.

By building positive feeding relationships and encouraging a growth mindset, kids naturally become more open to a wider variety of foods.

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  • When providing medical nutrition therapy, I currently accept the following insurance providers:

    - Aetna
    - Cigna

    Many clients alternatively may elect to use an HSA if they have one available.

Self Pay

  • Self Pay is an option available for all out of network clients, as well as parents who are looking for parent-only support.

    I prioritize the emotional wellbeing of all the children I help. While I use sensitive language in front of children, it can be challenging for parents to have honest conversations in front of perceptive listeners. So for many clients, I offer a parent-only approach. This means I only meet with parents, and your child doesn’t need to know you are getting help for their nutrition.

    Parents who would like help for their children without their children in attendance must self pay, even if their child is covered by Aetna or Cigna. This service is not allowable by insurance companies for covered billing.

I encourage my clients to embrace balance and flexibility with their family’s nutrition. That means keeping your favorite family food traditions, whether that means a weekly trip to the ice cream shop, cultural foods, or weekly pizza nights! It also means steering clear of extreme tactics like restrictive diets, which can lead to food obsession and do little to enhance overall well-being.

My aim is to guide both you and your child in redefining what it truly means to be healthy for life, helping you tune into your body's needs for good health and quality of life.

You won't find me advocating for restrictive practices like calorie counting, portion weighing, or food group elimination. These methods don’t work long term and often perpetuate a cycle of restrictive eating habits.

Instead, I advocate for a positive, body-affirming approach that doesn't involve telling a child they need to change their weight. I recognize that children come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and my focus is on assessing the overall well-being of the whole child, taking into account their growth and development over time to form a comprehensive understanding of their health.

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I'm here to help you through whatever challenges you're facing with eating well.

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